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This is my media host's default website offering.

They did a good job designing the new page (thanks libsyn team) and you can listen to all my podcast episodes here. 

Still, it's not - I need more black and I think you do too (not to mention more content such as articles, personal development resources, more about me and an option to donate) ! ;)

Jan 2, 2018

One year and one month ago I’ve set out to become a full-time entrepreneur. I have not succeeded. Can you learn from my mistakes?

This is the final episode of Valiant Growth, season 1.

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Jun 27, 2016

If you could sit down with an experienced and thoughtful entrepreneur, and have an hour to talk about how to become an entrepreneur, what the challenges are, where one can draw ideas from, how it affects one’s psychology and how it can aid personal development - and KNOW that you’d get deep, informative and...