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This is my media host's default website offering.

They did a good job designing the new page (thanks libsyn team) and you can listen to all my podcast episodes here. 

Still, it's not - I need more black and I think you do too (not to mention more content such as articles, personal development resources, more about me and an option to donate) ! ;)

Jun 13, 2016


This is my presentation of Early Retirement Extreme - I talk about the philosophy of frugality, I talk about how it’s an embodiment of a great strategy book and I present some really useful frameworks for thinking about your goals, your independence and your purchases.

It’s a great book, I suggest that you get it now, even you have a full reading list. Every person I’ve ever shown this book to has regretted not reading it sooner.

Find it at

Also find Jacob’s website at, Joshua Sheats’ review of the book for more excerpts on the philosophy at (it was his 3rd episode as opposed to my 30th, he knows what he is doing) and Mr. Money Moustache’s blog at for a more approachable...approach.

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