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This is my media host's default website offering.

They did a good job designing the new page (thanks libsyn team) and you can listen to all my podcast episodes here. 

Still, it's not - I need more black and I think you do too (not to mention more content such as articles, personal development resources, more about me and an option to donate) ! ;)

May 8, 2016

Do you ever tell yourself: “I should already know this!”, or “How can I be so stupid?”, or “What is wrong with me?” ?

In this podcast I talk about understanding and respecting the feeling of shame that learning can trigger, without becoming overwhelmed by it.

Ideas discussed in this episode:

  • The concept of healthy shame
  • Can you be vulnerable around your social circle?
  • Everything is a skill
  • “Therapy magic” - The incredible power of self-acceptance
  • Is it grandiosity to think that we should know “basic” things?

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